The 8 week mindful eating program

The 8 week mindful eating program

The 8 week mindful eating program

This program introduces children to mindful eating through bringing insight and awareness to eating and eating habits. Children will learn that eating with mindfulness means to bring awareness to the smell, texture and taste of our food. Additionally, the program promotes the scientific knowledge behind eating well, to provide the opportunity for children to contemplate the cultivation of healthy eating. Each week the child develops their mindful eating practice through also bringing awareness to why, how and what they eat. This is explored through weekly challenges aimed to cultivate eating with mindfulness. Upon completion of the program the children will have a deeper understanding of their nutritional needs towards maintaining healthy mind and body development.

    Module 1: Taste Bubs

    Module 2: Food Cravings

    Module 3: Vitamins

    Module 4: Minerals

    Module 5: The 5 Food Groups

    Module 6: Sugar

    Module 7: Fats

    Module 8: Feeling Satisfied

    This program is included in all our online courses.