Frequent Questions

By completing the course you will learn how mindfulness and meditation practice can relieve feelings of time pressure. Additionally, through the course you will learn how to embrace mindfulness and meditation in ways that complement and integrate with your early years learning frameworks, no matter what country you live in. The Australian Early Years Learning Framework is used in this course, due to its high level of excellence.

Chase after money for security and you will never feel safe! Childcare workers worldwide are overworked and underpaid. The last thing I want is to over-charge them, or make them feel my time is somehow worth more than theirs. I wanted to create a course that was next level and a gamer changer for them and our children to discover how to flourish - at a price they can afford.

I give you enough to give you the understanding you need to learn a variety of meditation styles - without turning your own practice into a listening exercise. To truly gain insight one must learn to meditate without external guidance. Formal mindfulness of breath practice needs to develop through your own ability to concentrate and stay focused. If you only listen to guides you will never reach the heights that a true practice can help you achieve. In saying that, I do provide more guided practices within the private group for those that feel they need them.

As the course progresses so too will the time you spend experiencing some of the various practices. However, you only need to try them as a way of finding your own favourite style of meditation. In this course you will be asked to establish a routine of a minimum of 5 minutes of formal mindfulness of breath practice, two or three times a day. If you can do this, you will have established a powerful little practice for yourselves. Additionally, you will learn to bring informal mindfulness into everyday living. And it will be your daily breath work (spread throughout the day) that will rewire your brain and give you the anchor you need to continuously re-establish your mindfulness, or present moment awareness.

Prove to me that you can’t afford this crazy cheap price...and we can work something out.

Yes. A maximum of two per semester. Usually only to people I already know, or have come from recommendation. This terms scholarship intake has been filled (12/10/2020).

You can take longer. However, since the course is already priced so low, if you have already received your 3 mentoring sessions, or I have already spent plenty of time following up your progress, than I will only be chasing you to finish via motivational group posts in our private group.

No of course not! The membership is an opportunity for those who wish to teach outside of their childcares. Or for those who wish to continue learning beyond the course content. It’s an opportunity to continue to advance your learning, to network and connect with like-minded individuals - beyond our private group, and to also advertise yourself to gain cliental through visitors to our website and our public Facebook group.

Quality assurance for parents and our children. I offer membership to those I know have really and truly gained the knowledge they need to teach this subject. Hence, you need to complete this course before I will consider you for membership.

Yes. You have a 24 hours cooling off period to claim a full refund. However, in order to receive a refund you must not have accessed the course. We track the progress of all our students from the day they register.

I enjoy studying. I read and keep learning all the time. I consume knowledge from different schools of science in order to conceptualise higher ways of knowing (for belonging, being and becoming). I fast regularly to clear my mind and purify my thinking. I practice transcendence.

Yes. There is no prerequisite for the course other than a passion to learn and teach children. I have been teaching qualified childcare workers, childcare assistants, psychologists and Life Coaches.