Local Mindful Gift Ideas for Kids 2020 - Let's Practice!

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It’s that time of year again! We love sharing gift ideas that incorporate yoga, mindfulness, and self-care for the littles and young people in your life. This year, more than ever, small businesses need our support so we’ve provided links to local (MI) businesses where each of these items can be purchased! Most all can be purchased online or offer curbside pickup if that feels safer for you and your family.  From our Well-Bean family to yours, wishing you well this holiday season!

I Like Me! (Poster)
The newest addition to the Well-Bean shop this year! Taking care of ourselves through practicing kindness is important for both kids and adults. Explore positive self-talk and what it means to stand in who we are with this poem that can be used as a morning mantra or positive affirmation whenever needed. The song and accompanying yoga poses are available on our website. This popular poster was created in partnership with Well-Bean and Michigan artist Katie Eberts. Printed on durable, matte and museum-quality archival paper.

Tomorrow I’ll Be Kind
Written by Jessica Hische, her follow up book to Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave, highlights social-emotional skills like listening and cultivating empathy. With uplifting positivity, this book is a reminder of the impact we have by simply practicing kindness. Not to mention the beautiful lettering and colors! You can find it at Books & Mortar in Grand Rapids.

Just Bee Yoga Cards
Yoga cards such as these are great for involving the whole family!  Each adorable card includes a yoga pose with a positive affirmation or inspirational quote!  Focus on one pose or draw a variety of cards to create a flow to match different moods or time of the day (calming, bedtime, morning, etc.) The owners of Just Bee Yoga + Well-being, Kay Epple & Cathy Fitzgerald are a duo who took part in our Well-Bean Teacher Training a couple years ago!  Their classes are located in Traverse City and the Yoga cards can be purchased online.

Listening with My Heart: A Story of Kindness & Self-Compassion
What does it mean to practice self-compassion? Giving kindness to ourselves is just as important as giving it to others. In the book the main character, Esperanza, is reminded of what it means to be a friend to yourself while also exploring themes of empathy. We’ve included the link to Epilogue Books in Rockford, if they don't have the book in stock they can order just about any book for you and you can have it delivered!  

Plant Therapy KidSafe Essential Oils
We’ve recommended these oils on past lists and still believe they’re “essential” in helping to create a calming space or balanced mood, especially with the constantly changing world kids find themselves in lately. EcoBuns Baby +Co. located in Holland offers the KidSafe wellness set or various roll-ons to help with focusing, calming, or sleep.

Malamiah Juice Bar & Eatery Gift Card
Pair yummy and healthy with the perfect stocking stuffer and you have a gift card from Malamiah!  Not only do they make the yummiest smoothies & juices but they do some incredible work in the Grand Rapids community too. A local purchase you can feel extra good about and the kids in your life will appreciate it too!

Calming or Herbal Teas
Perhaps some of these gifts have sparked interest in creating a relaxation gift set for some of the older kids in your life? Herbal teas such as chamomile or peppermint can be part of a mindful practice before bed. It engages the many senses and why not practice hot cocoa (or tea) breathing while you’re at it?  Herbal teas in bags or looseleaf can be purchased from one of the many tea/coffee shops or local grocers, one of our favorites is Global Infusion.  

Lavender Eye Pillow
Last year Well-Bean offered a self-care workshop for teens in collaboration with Nestology Shop & Studio.   Teens learned about evidence-based self-care practices then created their very own eco-dyed eye masks to support self-care practice at home.  Consider purchasing one of these eye pillows from Nestology for the older child or teen in your life and encourage their rest and relaxation practice at home! ​

Be: My Mindfulness Journal
What better way to help young people understand what feelings look like and how to manage them than a journal that’s all their own? Filled with fun pictures, prompts, and activities, this journal also teaches the brain science behind what it means to be calm (something we love over here at Well-Bean!) Hopscotch Children’s Store in Grand Rapids currently has this great gift idea in stock.

Warmies Hot Pak
These cute, cuddly characters could easily become part of a nighttime routine. Gently designed with lavender (a calming scent), they are simply popped in the microwave to heat up. A neat way of engaging senses while signifying relaxation time or an established nighttime routine.  Wanderlux Beauty & Wellness Spa has a couple of these adorable creatures left!

Buddha Board
These unique boards allow room for creativity while also reminding us of what impermanence means. Simply using water and imagination, the Buddha Board can guide families towards different discussions focused on how feelings don’t last forever, they can be fleeting but also serve a purpose, along with the many experiences of life. Spirit Dreams offers different sizes and even a gift edition!

Wooden Rainmaker
We love incorporating musical instruments into our practices at Well-Bean! Whether it’s shaking them while dancing around the room and moving our bodies or listening very still to the sound it creates. What different sounds does it make depending on how you tilt it? Does it become loud or quiet depending on how you use it? Items such as this are wonderful for encouraging the practice of mindfulness from even a very young age. This one is from Hopscotch in Grand Rapids.

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