Mindfulness Training For Children

Giving children a key to successfully navigate live

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Mindfulness Training For Children is an online internationally accredited mindfulness training provider.

We offer mindfulness-based educational programs for children and online mindfulness training courses for teachers and parents.

To promote flourishing our programs and courses integrate mindfulness training with a positive psychology approach to improving and/or maintaining wellbeing. Our programs are designed to promote flourishing through the development of environmental stewardship; the scientific knowledge behind healthy eating; and ethical and moral growth.

Our online training courses are designed to develop a solid understanding of the four foundations of mindfulness while providing participants with the opportunity to develop self-awareness and personal insight. As participants progress through the course they also learn how to implement mindfulness into their children’s lives.

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Programs and Courses

Mindfulness Training For Children has been created to bring flourishing into our homes, childcare’s and schools through learning mindfulness and meditation.

Using principles of psychology, art therapy, and aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework, our 10 week mindfulness based creative play program creates an engaging, fun and effective way to introduce...
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Gain confidence, calm and focus through completing our 8 week online mindfulness training course for adults. This parent friendly course will give you the skills to practice mindfulness in everyday...
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Online training for caregivers, Teachers and health professionals. All our teacher courses are internationally accredited and include private mentoring and quality feedback on assignments. These courses...
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Upcoming Event

Mindful Smiles Day - May 18

A non-profit awareness campaign to highlight the 1 in 4 Aussie kids suffering from a mental disorder and how we can work together for change.

Getting involved and making a change can be as simple as making sure your children are brushing their teeth with mindfulness and wearing their smiles.

Making sure our children are in a routine of formal mindfulness training through brushing their teeth mindfully, twice a day improves both mental health and oral hygiene.